Kick-Backs, Conflicts of Interest, Lack of Transparency

Many advertisers doubt that they are treated fairly by agencies and media owners. Kollat Media Team has access to all standard systems for controlling media bookings both in Germany and internationally.

In addition we have developed our own systems such as BudgetAllocator™ and BuyMeter™ so that we can distil the huge data volumes and display the facts quickly and transparently.

Just as important: our consultants have the depth of professional experience needed to effectively support our clients in the complex relationships between agencies and media.

Through all this our Media Auditing ensures that

  • The advertising investments of our clients are employed as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible
  • Agency services and performance are assessed and remunerated fairly

Effective Media Auditing thus helps ensure a constructive and trusting relationship between advertiser and agency.

Media Auditing usually covers transmission and booking controls of media, measurement of campaign performance and benchmarking of targets and results against the market. If requested we can also carry out invoicing, compliance, quality and process audits. Everything we do has the goal of giving our clients clear and actionable recommendations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their media investments.